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Black medlar this kind of medicinal material is very rare, because its nurture is qualitative content is very much, Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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For instance the vitamin is mixed cyanine elementSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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And amino acid is waited a moment, can have very good nourishing effect so, most person is to use black medlar to have bubble water, not outstanding constitution is different, so a few people are after water of drinkable black medlar, appeared allergic phenomenon, what does the symptom of allergy of so black medlar have?

What does the symptom of black medlar allergy have

The first, what does the symptom of black medlar allergy have? The body is scratchy. Edible may appear after black medlar is allergic the whole body is scratchy, some people can appear the face is urticant, have an itch to do sth, auditive urticant, red point grows on the body. Eye and lip are aglow. Some people edible can appear after black medlar is allergic1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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The eye is red with the phenomenon with aglow lip, can accompany Sao to itch occasionally.

The 2nd, take the account of black medlar allergy: A variety of nurture such as element of vitamin, cyanine, amino acid are contained to pledge inside black medlar, can enhance body immunity power, black medlar causes allergy is because of the person different, allergic want fish allergen above all, whether to cause allergy because of black medlar certainly, edible black medlar is allergic element of likelihood and individual constitution, environment relevant.

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Shanghai Long Feng forum
What does the symptom of black medlar allergy haveShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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The 3rd, allergic aftertreatment method: Stop edible black medlar instantly. If be certainly,cause by black medlarA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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allergic, should stop edible black medlar immediately, lest the accentuation of allergic circumstance. Drinkable and many water. The body may be created after allergy unwell, OK and attenuant black medlar is in drinkable and many water the composition in the body, can promote the eduction of allergic material inside body. When allergic case is relatively severe, should go to a hospital instantly go to a doctor, do not want drug of for private use of arrogate to oneself, lest accentuate illness. Should notice food is delicate after allergy, need not have fat, acrimony, exciting thing, should hold good work and rest and dietary convention.

What does the symptom of black medlar allergy have

Black medlar can bring about skin occurrence allergy, some people may allergic. Black medlar does not belong to allergen, but differ because of individual circumstance and individual constitution, black medlar of some people edible can bring about allergy, this kind of allergy is special case, do not represent everybody edible black medlar the metropolis is allergic.

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