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Orange calls Huang Guo again, it is the fruit that eats very easily, orange tastes have apparent sweet taste, special tastily, and still have fair dietotherapy value, digest bad person to be able to eat orange for instance, can close to digest, be worth what carry is, some of orange can eat after everybody drinks, because orange has the very good effect that see alcoholic drink, so of orange what to eat a law to have?

What does orange eat a law to have? These eat a law to be worth to recommend!

The first, orange bowl a baby food made of rice-flour


Orange, milk 250ml 30g of 2 spoon, millet pink controls one bag, white sugar


1, orange from the incision intermediate.

2, dig orange flesh, leave orange case, this is people wanted orange bowl.

3, move Su Fenjia water reserve.

4, pour milk to suckle boiler, burn add candy, agitate leaves.

5, join the Su Fenzhi little of mix up in milk.

6, when pouring Su Fenzhi, certain otherwise breaks agitate, such millet pink just won’t agglomerate, in igneous choice small fire, little agitate divide evenly is putFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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7, in doing good a baby food made of rice-flour to paper a bowl, can pass with bolt, such a baby food made of rice-flour will be more exquisite. Get on orange bowl lid last film is put into

8, a hour of above in freezer, along with eat along with it is OK to take.

9, bead of a few candy can be scattered when eating or dried fruit will be sweeter.

What does orange eat a law to have? These eat a law to be worth to recommend!

The 2nd, orange jelly


Orange two, orange juice 300 grams, isinglass pink 15 grams, white sugar 5 overcome

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1. preparation orange two

2. half-and-half incision

3. the pulp inside orange hollow

4. enters orange juice pannikin in

5. white sugar and isinglass pink mix adequately very

6. enters orange juice in

7. boils orange juiceFall in love with the sea

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8. filters with bolt, put cool to flow shape

9. falls into empty orange, put freezer to refrigerate 3 hours above, take out section edible

What does orange eat a law to have? These eat a law to be worth to recommend!

The 3rd, pineapple orange ice-creamForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Water 120 milliliter, fine saccharic 100 grams, orange juice 475 milliliter, lemon juice 15 milliliter, pineapple is potted 1 canister, thin orange peel breaks 4 grams


1. is in the pan of a moderate volume, boil water and candy medium baking temperature, melt entirely till candy.

2. connects potted pineapple even juice pineapple piece mashs into mixer, fall into a big bowl next, join juice of syrup, orange, lemon juice and orange skin to break, mix divide evenly. Put into freezer next refrigerant, refrigerant become to ice-cream have little hard but still do not have complete frozen degree.

3. is taken next come into the agitate in mixer again stiff, next again relay eats refrigerator in refrigerant to hard, about 2 hours.

The 4th, cc li orange cake


Low muscle flour: 250 overcome

Butter: 250 overcome

Egg: 4 (room temperature)

1/2tsp bubble dozen pink

Fine saccharic: 190 overcome

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Delicacy extracts orange juice

Orange of 1 big spoon is scurfy

1 gram salt

Former recipe still has 10ml to suffer from apricot wine, did not put.


1, wash skin of an orange juice clean with saline rub, brush take orange peel to break (if did not brush extraction tool, also can cut orange peel filament with the penknife, cut extremely delicate last stage again, the muscle film portion that notices white does not want) , again juice of extort 75ML orange reserves;

2, after butter cuts chip bate, join fine saccharic dismiss together greaten to bulk, color becomes shallow, lightsome;

3, 4 eggs break up, cent 6-7 second in joining butter, every time is joined after wanting to hit divide evenly thoroughly, add again the next time;

4, in hitting bubble pink, salt, flour to mix sift out to be papered into butter egg, cut slightly with drawknife first mix, reoccupy is dynamoelectric eggbeater hits divide evenly (do not exceed 1 minute) ;

5, join orange juice and orange peel bits to hit divide evenly quickly finally (used make an appointment with most orange blows the orange peel that go out to break, feel taste is too some more full-bodied, if want slightly of small weak drop, the amount that can reduce orange peel to break) ;

6, prepare small paper pattern, blow panada the model with drawknife inside, make an appointment with 7-8 cent is full can (in also can loading panada back up beautiful bag again impact mould1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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In) , oven warm-up 190 degrees, next fire on middle-level are baked make 20 minutes or so come exterior gold yellow can.

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