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As 80 hind, 90 hind enter middleaged train stage by stage, those once stayed up late the day that all night also rises the following day also is interest all over has been gone forever, once dissolute boy girls also begin preserve one’s health, the businessman that has idea a little is development went to stay up late more face film, coke bubble dangshen, the regimen of a philosophical sect in the Wei and Jin dynasties of medlar bubble beer. The effect of health care of preserve one’s health of medlar wine is very old with respect to some, detailed knowledge.

What is the nutrient value of medlar wine

Medlar wine is the beautiful in wine is tasted. The main raw material of this wine is medlar and white arrack.

The making method of this wine is: Medlar is abluent, cut broken, put into bottle, rejoin white arrack, build sealed can.

The effect of preserve one’s health of health care of preserve one’s health of medlar wine introduces below:

■ effect one: Immune adjustment

Medlar contains a lot ofmedlar polysaccharide, medlar polysaccharide is polysaccharide of a kind of water-solubility, by candy of candy of Arabia candy, dextrose, half lactose, manna, xylose, buckthorn composition of these 6 kinds of monose is comprised, have physiology active, can enhance function of blame particularity immunity, increase disease-resistant capacity, restrain tumor to grow with cellular mutation.

What is the nutrient value of medlar wine

■ effect 2: Fight consenescence

Immune consenescence and T cell attune die closely related. Medlar polysaccharide (LBP) can raise those who gobble up a cell to gobble up a function apparently, increase the proliferous capacity of T lymphocyte.

What is the nutrient value of medlar wine

■ effect 3: Fight tumor

Medlar polysaccharide is one kind adjusts not only the biology reaction conditioning agent that immunity reacts, and can pass nerve — endocrine — play of immune adjustment network fights cancerous action.

■ effect 4: Fight exhaustion

Medlar polysaccharide can increase small rat glycogen, liver glycogen to lay in a quantity significantly, raise dehydrogenation of cheese of athletic around blood enzymatic alwaysForum of Shanghai night net

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Vigor: Reduce small rat nitrogen of element of the hematuria after violent campaign increases an amount, of ammonia of element of the hematuria after expediting campaignLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Cleared rate. This shows medlar polysaccharide offset has very apparent effect except exhaustion.

■ effect 5: Fight radiation damage

Medlar has the effect that combats airframe of Y ray radiate, protection, can cooperate to put cure to wait as auxiliary medicaments refuse tumor treatment, reduce the poisonous side effect of cure of put down gently, heighten curative effect, protect the immune function of airframe.

■ effect 6: Adjust hematic fat

Medlar can reduce the content of the triglyceride in the bandicoot serum that suffers from tall lipemia and cholesterol effectively, have fall apparently hematic fat, adjust fat kind metabolization function, have positive effect to preventing cardiovascular disease.

■ effect 7: Fall blood sugar

Medlar polysaccharide can enhance damage pancreas islet apparently oxide branch exceeds to change inside the cell enzymatic (S0D) active, increase the capacity fighting oxygen of pancreas islet cell, had reduced the oxide loss to the cell, reduce third 2 aldehyde make an amount, this shows medlar polysaccharide has certain protective effect to pancreas islet cell.

■ effect 8: Fall blood pressure

Medlar polysaccharide can reduce bandicoot blood pressure (systole pressing and diastole diastolic pressure all see the effect) : The third in reducing plasma and blood-vessel content of element of 2 aldehyde, endodermis, increase fall calcic element gene is relevant of peptide release, prevent hypertension to form.

■ effect 9: Protect reproductive system

The level of serum sex hormone of the bandicoot that medlar polysaccharide can make spermary is damaged is elevatory: Increase the viscera coefficient of spermary, epididymis, raise bandicoot spermary to organize S0D active, reduce third 2Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Aldehyde content, make the spermary organization of damage restores to approach normal level.

■ effect 10: Raise eyesight

The retinal smooth receptor of human body is by inspect Huang Chun and inspect albumen place to form, the place in medlar contains rich β – carotene can be in person this inside change into vitamin A, and vitamin A can be generated inspect Huang Chun, raise eyesight thereby, prevent yellow spot disease.

■ resultLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Effect 11: Increase capacity of respiratory tract disease-resistant

Medlar contains a lot ofcarotene, vitamin A is changed in human body internal energy, have maintain epithelial tissue to grow normally the function with differentiation, nose, pharynx, larynx and infection of other respiratory tract can prevent when the capacity is sufficient, increase capacity of respiratory tract disease-resistant.

■ effect 12: Hairdressing is raised colour, moist skin

Because place of freedom radical oxidation is caused,skin consenescence basically is, and the medlar polysaccharide that contains in medlar, β – carotene is puissant antioxidant, the synergism of the microelement Selenium that contains plus medlar place and vitamin E, comprised fight oxidation army formidably; Additional, the growth of epithelial tissue of vitamin A tenability and become divided, prevent the skin dry change with wool bursa horn, remove hairdressing to raise thereby colour, the action of moist skin.

■ effect 13: Protection is hepatic, fight fatty liver

The beet that contains in medlar is alkaline have restrain adipose action of newborn of cell of deposit inside liver cell, stimulative liver, the liver function that can prevent 4 chloridize carbon to cause at the same time is disorder, so medlar has the clear protective liver, effect that combats fatty liver.

■ effect 14: Enhance hematopoiesis function

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Medlar place contains medlar polysaccharide to be able to protect leucocyte, function of stimulative airframe hematopoiesis restores.

In addition, ningxia medlar still is had adjust nerve endocrine, rehabilitate lacks brain of courage and uprightness injury, reduce cerebral oedema, improvement the action such as brain function. Medlar wine magical effect is great, and save money is substantial, big1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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The home tries quickly.

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