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Have a kind of earthnut, the inside pignut after paring is black, this is so called black earthnut, so one kind of chromatic earthnut, this kind of earthnut contains very rich selenium element, still have additionally amount to 18 kinds of amino acid, still contain very rich melanin, effect of black earthnut health care is so first-rate, hemal to heart head of the person health has profit, still can promote body development to wait.

What does effect of black earthnut effect have respectively?

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One, the effect of black earthnut and action

1, conduce of edible black earthnutLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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At improving physiology ability, make spirit excited, conduce to control spirit is depressed reach fretted disease.

2, the active ingredient in black earthnut can make person attention height is centered, raise fecundity.

3, edible black earthnut can improve immune system function, prevent kidney stone, conduce to alleviate hypoglycemia.

4, black earthnut place contains nutrient composition to be opposite growth of stimulative head cell and enhance memory to have favorable effect.

5, ameliorable memory reachs edible black earthnut raise thinking to be spent adroitly, drop hungry move, cleared and depressed mood.

6, black earthnut contains a lot ofcyanine element, cyanine element is had restrain freedom radical, fight oxidation, fight radiation, fight tumor, fight consenescence and enhance cardiovascular active, fight inflammation to wait for action, conduce enhances cutaneous flexibility, protect the skin.

7, edible black earthnut can make cerebrum thinking nimble, it is nerve conducts material much cling to the van material of amine, conduct in the nerve of high administrative levels, stimulation and respect of change cerebra activity have main effect.

8, edible black earthnut can be promoted grow development, constituent rehabilitate and generation antibody, hormone and enzymatic, the healthy snacks that can regard children as adolescent everyday right amount edible.

9, the element has the Selenium that contains in black earthnut to fight oxidation function significantly, can treat tumor in case kind, reduce plaque to gather, prevent sclerosis of arterial congee appearance.

10, black earthnut of right amount edible can reduce blood in total cholesterol and harmful cholesterol content, prevent cardiovascular disease.

11, the melanin in black skin earthnut promotes body blood circulation effectively, prevent the radiate of visible light and ultraviolet ray.

What does effect of black earthnut effect have respectively?

2, the appropriate crowd of black earthnut

Appropriate hidebound, inappetence, cough is phlegmy much person appropriate woman of; of edible of patient of edible; appropriate beriberi is postpartum and galactic; of edible of the person that lack is appropriate all sorts of haemorrhage sex diseases person edible; is appropriate children, adolescent and old people edible, can increase children memory, conduce to an old person stomach of; of nourishing health care is bad person unripe earthnut of right amount edible raises a stomach.

What does effect of black earthnut effect have respectively?

3, what person is unfavorable eat earthnut

1, body is cold jalf congealed person: Earthnut contains a lot ofgrease, body is cold wet sluggish and bowel are slippery discharge person unfavorable take feed.

2, dyspeptic person: Earthnut is contained many and adipose, enteritis, dysenteric wait for taste function undesirable person after edible, can aggravating illness.

3, high lipoprotein hematic disease person: Earthnut is food of tall adipose, tall caloric, have a can aggravating patient’s condition more, bring about the happening of the disease of heart head blood-vessel such as coronary heart disease, endanger life.

4, drop dozen of silt is swollen person: Earthnut contains gene of cruor of a kind of hurried. Be retarded by silt of arteries and veins of injuries from falls, blood person after edible earthnut, may make hematic silt does not come loose, aggravating gall symptom.

5, the person that want to reduce weight: The quantity of heat of earthnut and adipose content are very high, eat 100 grams to fry groundnut, take the energy that took 581 kilocalorie, was equivalent to taking the steamed bread of 275 grams, think the person that reduce weight should be far from earthnut so.

6, diabetic person: Diabetic person needs to control daily absorbed total energy, accordingly, every angel cannot exceed 3 spoon with fried dish oil (3A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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0 grams) . But 18 earthnut are equivalent to one spoon oil (10 grams) , can produce the quantity of heat of 90 kilocalorie.

7, gouty person: Gout is metabolization of a group of purine the disease of disorder be caused by, the patient all has disease of acerbity blood of high make water. Because tall grease food can reduce uric acerbity eductionA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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, aggravating illness, so gouty acute breaks out period should abstinence earthnut, gout alleviates period also can right amount take food.

8, the person that gallbladder excises: Bile is mixed to adipose assimilation absorb have important sense. After the person has a meal, gallbladder is contractive, emit into bile duodenum to be digested with benefit absorb. High protein and tall adipose food is the strongest to cystic stimulation, make bile is discharged in great quantities. After cystic excision, bile cannot store, certainly will affects the adipose assimilation in waiting for oil-bearing crops to earthnutFall in love with the sea

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