Ke Zhongjin surpasses Si Nuo to will open the Jun Hui that surpass man and Saierbi to be the same as an area on August 16

Si Nuo of 2017-2018 sports season overcomes Chinese tounament to will be in Guangzhou to undertake to 22 days on August 16, stage couplet announces the world to surpassing autograph watch, ding Junhui and Saierbi are the same as an area, world of afterwards of two people hopeful after semifinal of bright and beautiful contest again fight hand to hand. Article of Ao Sha benefit and Telumupu two big popular will meet in 1/8 final, only can one person is hit into 8 strong.

In bright and beautiful Saibensaijidi serves as large rank contest to hold, last year this match is the invitational tournament that ranks hand of before 16 balls to give fight, as a result 10-7 of final of rare Jin Si beats Bin Hanmu to gain the championship. Bright and beautiful contest will gather in this year each ace, also be contest of the fir爱上海同城对对碰


t when China of new sports season holds large rank, the Chinese army group that Ding Junhui presents as 上海贵族宝贝

leading role will strive beautiful accomplishment.

Rank highest two balls hand as mainland, the qualification of Ding Junhui and Liang Wenbo is surpassed, will undertake during be being surpassed, the world ranks first Saierbi and Wei Mian champion Xijinsi is likewise such. Ding Junhui is divided in 3/4 area, the rival that the qualification surpasses will be Niu Zhuang, first-run adversary will be after get victory uncle ascend, the 2nd round may encounter veteran with the 3rd round Maikemanusi and mark – gold. Be the same as the tall platoon in 3/4 area with Ding Junhui the seed is Hawkins, nevertheless latter will face Carter’s challenge, do not give accident Ding Junhui to will await Hawkins perhaps get 上海同城对对碰交友社区

stuck in 1/4 final special.

Go 4 years the Er of 3 a place of strategic importance that seize world bright and beautiful to surpass champion compare area of 1/4 of assume personal command, qualificatory contest will is opposite a hand of ball of the card outside a China, first-run pair of Sangkanmu of a Thailand, the 2nd round of winner that meets Zhou Yuelong and Chen Zifan head-on, the 3rd wheel pair blast Maikejier or Gould. Hit into 8 strong hind, er of a place of strategic importance poors than facing lad Chinese ink likely or in last year Bin Hanmu of runner-up of bright and beautiful contest, bin Hanmu is first-run adversary will be to go up sports season promotes very fast young general Yan Bingtao.

Benefit article and Telumupu are the same as winning Daremenaosha at 3/4 area, two people have the 16 in entering 8 races fight hand to hand that very large possibility is in the 3rd round, only a person can be hit into 8 strong. Teaohui’s winner, will be in Hong Kong of 1/4 final China the winner of famous general Fu Jiajun and Liang Wenbo, the Belgian talent mine that nevert阿拉爱上海同城

heless Fu Jiajun wants to face the nearly when world bright and beautiful is s上海贵族宝贝论坛

urpassed to beat his in the 2nd round cuts Er, liang Wenbo wants contrapuntal tall – in admire.

The champion defending crown of 4/4 area Xijinsi, qualificatory contest meets Hao Tian of Lv of Chinese young general head-on, hopeful and old rival mark – Williams Mu this contend for 8 strong chairs, and before golden left hand two rounds will fly to Zhen Tianpeng and Cao Yupeng hand of ball of these two China. If Xijinsi can be hit into 8 strong, await him will be Luo Baixun, before latter two rounds adversary also is Chinese ball hand, it is Li Hang and Xiao Guodong respectively.

Chinese tounament total stake is 700 thousand pound this year, champion winner will enter Zhang 150 thousand pound, and the championship prize when Xijinsi gained the championship last year is 200 thousand pound.

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