Prevue of news briefing of Microsoft E3 2016 announces Xbox and PC to have new play

Microsoft announced prevue of E3 2016 news briefing now, affirm Microsoft will announce a few new play this year, new character and a few announce.

It is the most important to regard game as the bound exhibit meeting, announcing new play is necessary almost, also be vermicelli made from bean starch people a bit what expect quite. Publicize additionally piece still mentioned a few announce, the Xbox One Slim of hearsay of a period of time before whether is this being alluded and Scorpio are strengthened edition Xbox One lead plane?

Time of Beijing of news briefing of Microsoft E3 2016 on June 14 before dawn 12:30 begin, grow 90 minutes when, ended at 2 o’clock in the morning. Look Microsoft prepared a large number of content for current news briefing, we also can undertake direct seeding for everybody to moment, those who have fun at is OK pay close attention to.

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