Too do laughed! The netizen is evil do move inspect see ” battleground 1 ” the reaction after

” battleground 1 ” after be being announced formally, review group is at present overall it is trend of lean to one side, foreign player is saying RIP COD (COD is OK GG) . And this still does not calculate, a quick-witted netizen of foreign made a video, spoke to move inspect see ” battleground 1 ” the reaction after first prevue, video is honest too do laughed.

Video was used ” battleground 1 ” first prevue and Hollywood movie star Shidifukaruier (” 40 years old of old place male ” ) the main actor’s film, specific what film is falling to also be written down not clear.

Although at present ” battleground 1 ” publicly was occupied windward, but have a paragraph of prevue merely at present indemonstrable still this year ” COD13 ” be about by ” BF1 ” cruel in that way in game dozen, what still need future is actual demonstrate to sign up for with more affection. Additional, after all ” mission call ” gold-lettered signboard still is in, the habit can buy the player of COD all the same. This also is why to be moved inspect do not worry or say not to care ” mission call 13 ” difference of first prevue magnanimity judges this phenomenon.

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