” black acts 3 ” the 2nd DLC ” solar eclipse ” land PS4 19 numbers this month

Move inspect blizzard disclosed subordinate and popular your work recently ” mission call 12: ? ? of discharge of expostulate with  ” up to date information. Solar eclipse of this made the 2nd DLC (Eclipse) detail information by first exposure.

DLC solar eclipse (Eclipse) will take the lead in landing PS4 platform on April 19, added map of game of 4 pieces of many people newly among them, it is minaret, cranny, knockout and brim respectively, set corpse battle pattern in setting of theater of Pacific Ocean of Second World War.

In fact, is map Verge ” mission call 5: ? Counterfeit of Lai of  of fat of  of straw of billows an ancient term for silk fabrics and  Qiong the heavy plate making of?Banzai) . Will originally set is the war after doomsday to conflict in change of setting of World War II. In minaret map, player general stands in boat of airport of aerial orbit brim confrontation has in the building. Cranny map set is in crater in the base of military affairs of style of a future in the sky. In knockout, players will have pair of fight in the Shaolin Temple in traditional China wind, is the kongfu contest that is simple force more.

Solar eclipse (Eclipse) will land PS4 above all, xbox One and PC are landed to go up later. This map bag will not land Xbox 360 and PS3.

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